This is the part of the blog where I´m supposed to tell you a bit about what you can find here. So lets do that! First and foremost, my name is Larry and I´m the author and owner of the blog. I´m currently working as a web designer at a company in the US. But on my spare time, I try to participate in LARP-events as often as possible. But more specifically, I create clothes for LARP events. More on that later…about larping

What is LARP?

Most of you guys reading this blog most likely know what that is (Since we all participate in it). But for you out there who don’t know what it is. Allow me to explain. LARP stands for Live Action Role-Playing. We basically put on Medieval cloths and role-play the history. I bit geeky yes, a bunch of fun YES.

Now, this was just a short introduction to the blog. Please take your time and read some of my blog posts. They will be interesting and fun, I can assure you that!