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How to Thread Kenmore Sewing Machine


Threading the machine is the most important thing before using it. It must be threaded both the top and the bottom. The following are the steps you can use to thread the sewing machine.

  1. Removing of the extension machine.

This is easy to do since it is just pulling it to the left. This extension table is always placed at the front of the left bottom of the machine. It has to be removed before loading the bobbin since the bobbin shuttle is covered by it.

  1. Opening the shuttle cover.

You should then look for the portion that is marked at the front of the machine on the cover of the shuttle. The marked portion is always situated at the left part of the cover.in other models it is always situated at the front part of the needle plate. Instead of the door swinging outside it lifts upwards.

  1. Raise the needle.

You should then turn the hand wheel outer portion to your side. Concentrate on the needle as you are turning the wheel and then stop with the rotation as soon as the needle gets to its highest limit.

  1. Remove the bobbin case out.

On the bobbin case you should be able to see the latch. Pull the latch to your side so that you can let loose the case from the shuttle then now do the pulling of the case to actually remove it out. Once the latch is pulled out of the machine, you can now release the latch.

  1. Inserting the bobbin.

You should place the bobbin in such a way that the thread is winded on it in a clockwise rotation. Then push the bobbin inside the case and in the inside of the slot situated at the front of the case you should weave the thread end. You should push it through the slot continuously until the thread can be pulled below the tension spring.

  1. Returning of the casing to the shuttle.

You should then pull up the latch once last time then inside the shuttle you should push the case that is loaded. At the left side of the machine is where the latch should be facing. As soon as the case is back inside the shuttle it can now be released. When you release the clutch you will always hear the click sound. The case should be wiggled so as to ensure that it gets locked to its right position.